Taski R1

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Product Description :

Features and Benefits

1) Provide Log 3 Reduction of Microbial Load.
2) Unique Combination of Quaternary ammonium compound & nonionic surfactant makes the formula potent to do cleaning & sanitsation at 20% concentration.
3) Water Hardness sequesters which sequests 50ppm of water hardness at 2% concentration to avoid water hardness scale deposition.
4) Concentrated for economy of use. When used as recommended (for normal soiling), TASKI R1 will cost less than Rs. 2/- per liter of user solution.
5) Dose not contains any abrasive, hence will not scratch bathroom surfaces.
6) Quickly removes skin oils, stains, dirt & water-marks.
7) Cleans & sanities in one action.
8) QAC sanitizer is safe on bathroom accessories & provides sanitization to commonly found microorganisms in the rest room.
9) Leaves bathroom fittings clean & shiny.
10) Pleasant, fresh room care Fragrance.
11) Color & alpha-numeric codes to prevent application mistakes.