Eze clean plus dry mop 50 cm

Product Id : 117
MRP : Rs. 960.00 / nos
Product Description :

Enables dry sweeping and wet mopping.
This repairable mop is made of a Special blend of natural and synthetic fiber.
Fine dust clings on to the mop due to its electrostatic properties and totally eliminate air bounding of dust.
Fatigue free operation is possible due to its weightlessness.
The handle also comes with a telescopic arrangement, which makes it more flexible. The swivel angle in the base will facilitate easy operation of the mop to clean staircase and wall skirting.
The telescopic handle is adjustable to the users comfort, and the swivel base, facilitates the application if cleaning staircases, wall skirts, under furniture, narrow areas, nooks and crannies, ceilings, cob-webs
It comes with two attachments, a brush for cleaning fans and roof and a Floor squeegee for floors and tiles cleaning.
High level of water retaining capacity & wear resistant when compared with other mops.
The EZE Clean is made in 3 sizes, 75 cms, 50 cms & 35 cms
There is also a sleek model which is an economical version, has almost all the features except the telescopic facility on the handle. 

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